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About Us

Our vision keeps us
above the line

Realbiz Realty was founded in 2016 by Sandeep Dwivedi, the vision of Realbizbiz Realty Inc. is to Foster a relationship based service for all clients and customers, ensuring individual business goals are exceeded through end to end service. 

Modern City


Realbiz Realty was founded in 2016 by Sandeep Dwivedi Broker/Owner. 

Sandeep Dwivedi has excelled in the real estate business. First, as a real estate agent, followed by being the sole owner and Broker of Record for Realbiz Realty Inc.

The vision of Realbizbiz Realty Inc. is to foster a relationship based service for all clients and customers, ensuring individual business goals are exceeded through end to end service. 

Realbiz Realty Sales Representatives, pride themselves on the structure support, and innovation provided to elevate their business to the next level.


We offer all of our Sales Representatives full-time support staff, Administration, Management and an in-house marketing team. Skill enhancing training and mentorship is instrumental, in supporting the Sales Representatives in succeeding and excelling in Real Estate.

Realbiz Realty is an In-house marketing and training brokerage.  The Brokerages initiative is catered towards preparing sales representatives to be specialized brokers while empowering them to continue building long-term relationships through a robust marketing strategy.

We have a team of outstanding representatives servicing the Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, with two exclusive and convenient offices in Mississauga and Toronto.

We are a Brokerage with the entrepreneurial capacity to service local markets which appeal to unique demands, Realbiz Realty enjoys the best personal net income opportunity in the industry. Their efforts consistently exceed million’s in Real Estate transactions annually.  



Our Services

01 Pre-construction Investment Experts
02 Buying & Selling of Residential and Commercial Properties
03 Leasing Residential Properties
04 Leasing Commercial Properties
05 Property Management

06 Development of Residential & Commercial Properties

In a Meeting

Why Us?

01 Builder Designated Platinum Brokerage

Real Estate is a very competitive industry. To build a business and increase revenue, Realbiz Realty Inc. has a positive attitude to marketing by embracing newer techniques, such as property video or social media marketing to differentiate themselves from other competitors, and also continue to focus on building relationships of trust with buyers, sellers and business partners.

02 Create a Clear Market Position

Realbiz Realty operates across the property spectrum, dealing with general residential, Investors, and commercial clients, offering a specialist service by attracting clients who are looking for a specific type of property or investment.

03 Build a Strong Property List

Property buyers and sellers are looking for real estate companies active in the market and with a good track record of successful transactions. Building a strong property list is essential. A good list offers buyers choice and helps to build trust in the company. By offering potential sellers the benefits of marketing campaigns, effective presentations through property videos and brochures, and high levels of personal service, real estate companies can persuade owners to place their properties on their lists.

04 Attract Buyers

Realbiz Realty Inc. wants buyers to make it the first point of contact when they are looking for a property. By placing advertisements in local newspapers or specialist property publications, companies can attract potential buyers. Maintaining contact by phone or email with buyers helps to build relationships and increases the opportunity for a sale.

Realbiz Realty Inc Award Winning.png


01 Top Remax Awards

02 Hall of Fame

03 Top 50 Agents in Canada

04 Royal Lepage 

05 Top Ten Sales Performance

06 Sales Excellence Award 

07 Diamond Sales Performance 08 Chairman’s Award.


The team @ Realbiz are very informative and gave me great options to think about, when it comes to making my next real estate purchase.

- Sunil Patel

Very Knowledgeable and honest services…through knowledge about the real estate market. 

Very helpfull, knowlegable and co-operative.

Will recommend to my friends and family

Worked with the team that is so dedicated and hard working to provide best customer service. Its an amazing journey with Sandeep sir and team and i’m very happy to be part of it.

- Shammi Chhibber

- Amir Sualeh

- Tejas Patel

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